Sweat The Technique By Rakim With Bakari Kitwana

Microphone fiend and celebrated rapper Rakim’s ☛SWEAT THE TECHNIQUE: REVELATIONS ON CREATIVITY FROM THE LYRICAL GENIUS  [pub: Amistad] drops on September 24th. This must-read is co-written with my fellow Source magazine alum, the illustrious Bakari Kitwana. Follow the journalist and activist on Instagram @rap.sessions.official and Twitter @thereakbakari.  

Talking To Strangers By Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell’s ☛TALKING TO STRANGERS: WHAT WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE PEOPLE WE DON’T KNOW [pub: Little, Brown and Company] drops today. Catch the author of THE TIPPING POINT and OUTLIERS in D.C. at Politics and Prose on September 11th and at New York City’s Barnes and Noble in Union Square on October 17th.